Kontron Austria



The electronics production is realized according to the latest state of the art and optimized for medium quantities (no inline production). That means that all common component forms can be processed.


The innovative cash processing machines for automated cash deposit of coins as a stand-alone, side car or OEM system.
Innovative infotainment and edutainment: S&T AG has developed technologies providing users with attractive, target group-optimized ways of disseminating information and knowledge.


The Non-invasive Induction Therapy of REHATRON™alpha works with magnetic energy. Through the treatment loop, which is placed on the parts of the body, short but extremely strong magnetic fields are delivered to the body to increase your well-being.




The CMS-Master was designed for 24-hour self-service coin deposition operation. Core of the CMS master is the coin deposit SCM / CCM.



Control Engineering


Because of years of experience in the development, manufacture and assembly of electronic components, we are a competent partner for your projects.