Company Policy


Quality should be the characteristic of our products and services, active environmental protection be the feature of our company.

We commit ourselves to maintaining the effectiveness and continuous development of our management system.
We see both customers and suppliers as trusting and equal partners. Active environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate culture.
We offer our customers the optimal technical condition of our products as well as the exact observance of the delivery agreements.

To ensure the technical and economic development, the constant improvement in quality and environmental concerns, the following values ​​are important for us:

  • The customer, our employees and the environment are the focus of our actions.
  • We rely on long-term partnership with customers, suppliers and employees.
  • As a full service provider in our business, we are committed to the comprehensive and sustainable quality of all our actions. Standardized processes and methods ensure the high quality of our company.
  • The competence of the employees lies in the potential of Kontron Austria. We therefore want to create framework conditions in which one can develop and develop oneself.
  • We maintain an open and cooperative leadership style.
  • We undertake not only to comply with our binding obligations, e.g. Laws, regulations and contractual agreements, to maintain a high environmental standard and ethical principles and to constantly improve them.
  • We want to be the technological leader in the market with innovative solutions and strive to keep the environmental impact in terms of energy and material consumption as low as possible during the development and production of our products.