Rehatron alpha mobile


What is REHATRONTMalpha mobile and how does it work?

The non-invasive induction therapy (N.I.I.T) of REHATRON ™ alpha mobil works with magnetic energy. Short, but extremely strong magnetic fields are delivered to the body in the time interval of microseconds via the treatment loop, which is applied to the affected body sites. The N.I.I.T is painless and non-efficacious and increases your well-being.

- Dimensions: 660x425x365 mm
- Weight approx. 25 kg
- Use for wellness treatments
- Use in veterinary medicine

Technical Functioning:

Simplified, REHATRON™alpha is a generator which generates magnetic pulses of highest intensity.
A capacitor is charged by a power supply unit on an adjustable voltage. It is discharged through the treatment loop in an LC resonant circuit by closing a switch between the capacitor and the coil. The current pulse induced a magnetic field in the coil. The oscillation decays in a damped oscillation until the capacitor is discharged. The total discharge time takes about 120 microseconds.


Technical Data: