Veterinary Medicine

Use in veterinary medicine

Originally, the non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON™alpha was developed to be used in human medicine and is now applied in many European countries quite successfully. However, REHATRON™alpha can also be used in veterinary medicine.

Due to the described effects of the non-invasive induction therapy on cellular basis and through obvious activation of different regeneration and reparation processes in the cells, the non-invasive induction therapy seems to help ill and injured animals in the case of distortions, fractures, inflammations, degenerative diseases, allergies, eye diseases and numerous other diseases. For ill animals this type of therapy is particularly gentle considering that the treatments can be done within a short period of time (usually ten minutes per therapy session) and that the administering of medicine and vaccinations can be reduced or eliminated. Moreover, it is possible to avoid surgery in some cases and the pain-intensive and stressful time of rehabilitation.

Apart from that, it was observed that horses, dogs and cats accept the treatments – except for the initial contact with the crack-sounds producing device REHATRON™alpha – in a composed fashion. After some time cats get into the therapy loop voluntarily when the device starts to work and relax or sleep during the treatment. As far as we know there cannot be a placebo effect in the case of animals which demonstrates the functioning of the non-invasive induction therapy to veterinary doctors, therapists and pet owners.


Examples for indications in horses:

• bone fractures
• pain
• Herniated discs
• fractures
• pain
• herniated discs
• all inflammation and degeneration processes like inflammations of joints, tendons and muscles as well as arthroses
• equine podotrochlosis syndrome
• back and spine diseases
• condition after equine exertional rhabdomyolysis and tying up
• rehabilitation of the toes
• inflammation in the area of the head (eyes, salivary glands, lymph nodes, sinuses)
• support in the case of heart and lungs diseases
• improvement of the regeneration in high-performance sports
• direct rehabilitation after operations and injuries
• treatments of interference fields of scars
• improvement of the immune power in the case of allergies and susceptibility to infections
• acute and chronic results of injuries

Examples for indications in small animals:

• all inflammation and degeneration processes in the orthopedic area
• intervertebral disc disease
• degeneration of the hip joint
• lower motor neuron defect (sheep dog)
• acute and chronic problems with the intervertebral discs
• inflammations in the area of the head (eyes, ears, gums etc.)
• skin diseases
• gastritis
• abscesses
• general weakness and frailness after general diseases and due to old age
• support in the case of infectious diseases
• rehabilitation after operations
• treatments of interference fields of scars
• acute and chronic trauma sequelae
• improvement of the immune defense
• inflammation of the anal glands
• wound healing
• burns
• chronic fatigue syndrome


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