The lottery terminal made in Austria

Fast - Accurate - Reliable

Because of its speed and precision, the self-service lottery terminal is the solution for medium to high betting slip volumes.
Rapid identification, evaluation and processing of betting slips avoids long waiting lines.

We offer

• High speed and precision of the scanner and printer
• Maximum reliability and availability
• Processing of betting slips in all conventional formats
• Full-surface scanning and OCR/OMR evaluation permit the flexible selection of betting slip formats and the rapid introduction of new games. No double readings.
• The use of high-quality embedded industry PC components offers excellent expandability, ensuring a sound, future-proof investment.
• Ergonomically sophisticated design allowing maximum user friendliness and accessibility.
• Open system architecture which enables the use of various operating systems and the connection to different central systems


The basic functionality can be adapted to special customer needs.
The housing colors can be freely selected and can be adapted to the corporate design of the lottery company. The customer software is open configurable.

optionally with monitor attachment


Datasheet Lotteryterminal.pdf