The Cash-Master was developed for 24-hour self-service coin deposit operation. The heart of the Cash-Master is the coin separation module SCM. Because the device is impervious to foreign objects which are often inserted together with coins, it guarantees maximum operational reliability.

• Self-service coin deposit
• Real 24-hour self-service operation
• Indestructible by foreign objects
• 15-inch touch screen, PC, UPS (optional)
• Escrow unit / money return
• Compact housing dimensions
• Robust against dirt and foreign objects

The patented vertical separator V500 ensures the highest degree of resistance to foreign objects. Only recognized coins are ejected into the escrow unit. Any foreign objects identified are returned to the customer.

According to the test certificate of the OeNB and the European Commission (OLAF), the dual sensors* for coin recognition detect all currently known counterfeit coins.

*The coin measurement NT_ACCEPT 2.0 is performed optoelectronically as well as with alloy analysis.